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Equilibrium Technologies

We unlock your growth in business, optimizing business processes, enhancing the efficiency and productivity, maximizing your returns with the lowest ROI.


About us

We help you maximize your returns 

We are apex business consultants with expertise in consultation of various sub levels in business processes such as production, product ownership, certifications, starting business venture, legal aspects of business venture processing, GST, Import/Export etc.

Our services

What we offer

Analysis & Reporting

Complete analysis and reporting based on customer requirement

  • Business Process
  • Compliance and standards
  • Market Research
  • Technology adaptation
  • Production process
  • documentation and process recording


Strategy implementation services, plans and execute the suggestions by the analytic services in a time bound progressive method with least disruption in routine work

  • Analysis & Consulting
  • market research
  • Compliance road map
  • Production Road map
  • Kaizen & Kanban Planning
  • Prototype to product migration

Product Ownership

Product ownership services, are contract based services having definite lifetime during which product ownership roles are handled by us till the project deployment and hand over

  • Electronic & Electrical  Products
  • IT Product
  • Agile Project

Software Product

Our expertise in process management gave birth to process optimization and streamlining software and tools

  • Aegle fams
  • aegle erp
  • Chanakya (wage & attendance management)
  • guruthwa (e-kanban)
  • office tools
  • Analysis sheets

How we work

Our Ethical code

We at Equilibrium Technologies respect the tradition, work culture and the employees at all our client premises. We have strong ethical code during our consultation process

Employee Code

We do not support reduction on employee strength unless and until it becomes mandatory for the sustenance of the business. We also stick to minimum consideration period before any such actions or suggestions.

Top - Down Approach

We always believe orientation of management, creation and updation of healthy work culture is the primary and most important aspect of improving a business. Our approach is a combination of holistic and methodology aspects.

Coaching & Planning

Most of the problems can be solved through rigorous training and planning exercises breaking old ineffective routine methods. This is done through progressive escalation method, ensuring minimal disruption to daily activities

Relapse prevention

An institution is just like a human with a multitude of personalities. So it can easily relapse to its former ways, if the new and improved process put in place are not monitored closely. We ensure they are followed through till they become routine, through continuous post consultation evaluation.


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Unlock growth through strategic planning, lowering cost cuts and improving efficiency.


Tailored solutions to achieve sustained growth, through business process flow alteration and operational alteration with focus on minimum period on ROI.


Identifying opportunities and diversifying business to generate sustainable business source with high focus on customer retention and acquisition.


Alter the financial and strategic trajectory of the company through expansion and diversification planning and execution.

Creating growth and harmony in your business